Day 3, Page 13

April 26, 2015 Characters: , , ,
  • Kit the Coyote

    This bird clearly has fashion sense!!

    • gayguy556

      ikr thats what i was thinking

  • Potatoe Overlord

    I love that BJ is just sitting there charmed over how much they apparently love the cute bird pic.

  • I love their faces in that second panel! Priceless!

  • gayguy556

    mace’s face in the second panel is…just…PERFECT

  • Shall we call Stealy “His Birbmajesty” from now on with that ketchup crown?

  • Kate G

    I love how Mace and Sil are just staring at the picture in shock…and then they start 50 questions but not letting BJ answer them! So typical!

  • Panel 2.
    Mace: What the fuck?…
    Sil: No, it can’t be…

    BJ in the last panel: .. and now you guys are cute, flipping all over this bird.

    If the answer Mace is getting is something like this:

    ..It’s taken just outside. You should have been home. It was hanging around for hours, like it was waiting for someone, before it flew off..

    Then I’m gonna laugh ;D

  • OMG OMGOMGOMG I’ve read the whole comic in one shot. I love the drawing, I love the story, I love basically everything about it, it’s so absolutely awesome! I’m still dying to see some real REAL action between Sil and Mace, please!

    Well, about the story as a whole, I loved the plot. First I thought the bird was like a demon, and that Silvain was a witchdoctor or something, and then Mace actually talks to birds and i’m “woooow”, so Mace is the weird one. In the end I’m now thinking that Silvain’s brother is actually the witchdoctor, Mace is some kind of medium who doesn’t mind his powers and Silvain is just a poor boy in the middle of everything.

    About the characters, i loved all of them except that girl that gave Sil LSD because… Well, how can I like someone who gives drugs to a stranger without asking if he wants it first? But, well, I loved BJ, and Malek, and Maaaaaace (he is my spiritual animal) and Sil is such a cutie, I love him deeply i~i I’m looking forward to the next page, and daaaaamn, this bird now how to swag, just saying xD

  • Lillipop

    Ah~~ Mace makes me smile.

  • kahltira

    I have my own theories about Silvain…it’s all cuz of the ring.. but that look on Mace’s face in the second panel….I am loving this comic..

  • Stealy is one dapper mofo.

  • gayguy556

    like how bj is a tall manly looking black guy but hes still a bottom, usually in comics the manlier guy is the top and the ‘girly’ smaller guy is the bottom but in reality its not like that at all. im like 172 cm tall and i mostly top (and bottom sometimes :P) and my bf is a tall beauty who likes taking it up the ass ^^ and hes manly as fuck while i like wearing flower pins in my hair [•<•]

  • The poor guy looks so dejected until his phone was swipped out of his hands. :)