Day 3, Page 15

May 17, 2015 Characters: ,
  • Lion dog is so cute :)

    .. and did Mace just have an epiphany? Dd he recognize Stealy’s ketchup hat? What?

  • Toli Bera

    yes he does.

  • Kit the Coyote

    I love the way Mace’s mind works in such unusual ways. He is wired differently than the rest of us but he makes it work for him.

    • Sabrina Vögeli

      Thats exactly what I love on this comic =)

  • Koe

    Very close to Mount Doom by now.

  • Honestly Silvain, haven’t you learned to stop doubting Mace by now? I mean, you only got drugged that ONE time…

  • Liz

    Just wait, Silvain. Mace is gonna make you eat those words. (With that said, I seriously dig the way Mace and Silvain interact with each other. I keep forgetting that they’ve only known each other for three days).

  • Larkle

    The scarecrow is pointing at his head like ‘use your brain’? Is that what’s sparked this epiphany?

  • mizuqueen

    if I only had a braaaiiin… sing it, mace!

  • gayguy556

    i liked the horse better when it was purple

  • Onyx

    Are we really going to question him at this point? :3

  • Kate G

    Awwww, look at the Cowardly Dog. SO CUTE.

    I just want to point out Mr. Police won’t be staying on his horse long if he needs to stop suddenly or go into a trot. He’s riding English which means his toes need to be pointing up and his heels need to pushed down to the floor. That way, if your horse bucks up, down or you lose control, you don’t go flying off (or, worse, being thrown off) in any direction (which I’ve done a few times thanks to not having my ankles not facing down.) Unless you ride horses, it’s something a lot of people don’t think about.

    Here’s a picture for illustrative purposes of what I’m talking about:

    • Thanks, I’ve corrected it!

      • Kate G

        That looks so much better!

  • Does the scarecrow with no brain suddenly know all, now? XD Maybe he developed telepathy!

  • Belle

    Is it…IN HIS HAT?

    • gayguy556