Day 3, Page 17

June 14, 2015 Characters: ,
  • First post, whoot! Lol Sil is looking to the side–are those tombstones?

    • TheRegularNonsense

      Do you by chance have a Syndrone Online? Because I do and someone on that site has your username.
      – TheRegularNonsense

      • Lol yea, I use the same username everywhere xP

  • Commentator

    How often is this comic updated?

    • Every Sunday. But sometimes life can get in the way, but it has been updating pretty frequently lately.

  • moe

    oooo so this is where the vampires come in????

    • Nena

      mace and sylvain are both vampires IT HAS BEEN OBVIOUS FROM THE START

      • I thought Mace was a ghost.

        • Nena

          SHUT UP ALICE

  • Well at least they are obeying the traffic signal, not like they did at the parade!

  • Kit the Coyote

    Yes he is something hehe.

  • And yet you keep following him around, Sil. Imagine what that makes you.

  • Potatoe Overlord

    And that I can talk to birds. That’s all, Silvain. Geez.


    this comic is a gift to mankind. I LOVE YOU ALICE AND THANKS FOR BLESSING ME;;;;

    lmao also #NeverNeglectNena ly2


      i feel like alice also needs a tag #AliceAlwaysAppreciated