Day 3, Page 23

August 23, 2015 Characters: ,
  • Subaru

    The local birds seem to have a sense of fashion.

  • Ashen

    “Finally you give the people what they came here for.” So… you gave us

    THE BIRD? <..> XD

  • Toli Bera

    Queensident Birb

  • The Borb Overlord returns.

  • Titan_Rhea

    you call the other Bird fatty? look again! He is not a thin bird….

  • Perverzak

    Who dare enter my domain?!

  • Happy Olives

    The Notorious B.I.R.D

  • Kate G


  • Eli

    I still don’t get how Mace came to the conclusion that he was in the graveyard…? Does anyone else know?

    • My guess is that Mace recognized the background from the photos BJ showed them… and since one of the pics had Stealy in it (with the ring), I guess he knew exactly where to look for the little thief :D

      I’m just amazed that his nerdy brain even matched those pics to a precise location in the city. I mean, NYC’s a big place and the photos were close ups. The backgrounds could have been anywhere. Unless one of the photos had something special in it that gave it away. Either that or Mace in the new mentalist, lol

    • dereule101

      These parrots can fly about a wide area but they live in specific colonies. Seeing the scarecrow reminded him to use his brain. He probably asked himself, “Where is the roosting place of the nearest parrot colony?” and remembered this cemetery.

  • Kit the Coyote

    As I said before, this bird has fashion sense!

  • Bird king (or queen)?

  • Jeldenil

    “You’re late.”

  • lara

    “Welcome to my LAIR…”

  • Amanda Wolf


  • Cman65

    MMMMM that is one busy little bird

  • Thingy

    On my University campus I keep seeing this guy who looks /exactly/ like Mace. Every time he walks by I stop and double take.

  • Larkle

    Mood lighting provided by Silvain.

  • Sean

    What happened? Is it over? Is it donezo?

    • I’m out of town. Will update in October.

      • Sean

        OH YAY thank you!

  • AliceMadHatter

    Stealy you drama queen

  • Nix

    Plz it’s october I just read this whole comic in an hour I lOVE IT SO MUCH

    • I was sitting in an airport when you posted this comment. Sleep first.

  • for-others

    Kleptomanic bird with a fashion sense being menacing. That’s not something I ever expected to see.

  • Pilar

    Lol!! Is that culprit?! Looking like a little king on his throne… “what knave dare interrupts my sleep?”