Day 3, Page 25

October 25, 2015 Characters: , , ,
  • Koe


  • As I said, bird queen :)

  • Pudding Cup

    I love how Silvain is just standing there like all of this is perfectly normal. He’s given up on realism, at this point in his relationship with Mace.

    • Red

      Hahaha! Soon he’ll turn his phone and start taking a video of this heheheh…
      or a pic of Mace with all the birds…

    • Larkle

      Silvain can’t even anymore.

  • Mace has his buddies Stealy, where are yours?

  • Jeldenil


  • L@Zl0

    Oooooohhh….They all gonna Jump this Bird!?! Can’t Wait!

  • TCF

    This has gone in an odd direction for a comic I picked up in order to see two men get naked together…
    Will this in some way inform their next erotic scene? Birdplay?

  • Natalie

    Saw this:

    IMMEDIATELY thought of this comic.

  • Love how fatty joined in. Kinda.

  • Kate G

    Somehow I can’t think of a Disneyfication of this page. I’VE LOST MY DISNEYFYING POWERS!!!!

    WAIIIIIIIIIIIIT. *cue Feed the Birds song* Okay, that works…sort of.

    Silvain is kind of like, “Okay, what’s going on?” and Mace is like, “I have no fucking clue.”

  • Fyora

    Silvain: “Am I still feeling that LSD?”

  • RaggedyHead

    Stealy: MUTINY!!

  • Anonymoose

    Has anyone ever thought about how powerful Mace could become with his ability to commune with birds? >:-) I hope he has a dark side, besides the one down-under

  • Trinity☆Fox


  • Pilar

    Lol, Sil lucky to have Mace the bird whisper by his side, because he has quite the following XD Let him know whose boss Mace!