Day 3, Page 26

November 2, 2015 Characters: , , ,
  • blake

    This is so excellent I don’t even have words

  • Stealy is the disney villain I’ve been waiting for <3

    • CatchingFear

      I did not realise the utter truth of this statement until I read it.

  • vic


  • Cookie

    poor unfortunate souls
    in pain, in need
    this one smuggling illegal rocks
    that one wanting to be fucked
    and do i help them???
    yes indeed~

    • ^^ This wins, hard.

    • Kate G

      Well, there’s where my Disney magic went….

  • This bird ‘mob’ gang is awesome! Stealy rules.

  • So did Sil just whip that coin out from his crotch? lol

    • Kate G

      Maybe he keeps everything important (change included) in his briefs just like girls keep all things important in their bras. XD

      • Maybe! Alice’s comment practically made this possibility canon. I rolling hard with this, haha

        • Kate G

          HA HA HA HA HA. Candy, condoms, wallet, phone (oh wait, that’s all ready out), dog or cat treats, etc etc etc. XDDDD

          • Koe

            And for the finale: a red rose! (With a small packed of bird seeds attached.)

    • He has a pocket on the front of his jacket that I did not draw out of laziness but, you know, that works too.

      • Heh! Well since you upgraded my headcanon there I can’t see that panel any other way now ?

  • FreckledJesus

    Was i the only one who thought he wanted Sil for a second?


  • Larkle

    Now hearing Stealy’s voice as Ursula’s. Yep.

  • Fyora

    As a person who needs glasses to see basically at all, I was afraid he wanted Mace’s glasses. ._.

  • Pilar

    Lol I’m proud of Sil, he’s so used to Mace & his incredible skill set. I think Mace’s got a keeper!