Day 3, Page 33

March 27, 2016 Characters: ,
  • Kiiiiss. Omg that hair pulling <3

  • <3 yesyesyes.

  • noona

    Everything about this is yes.

  • Hey, I caught up. :)

    Sorry I was gone for so long.

    Love the kissing. Always like the kissing. :)

  • Larkle

    I think Mace is developing a kink for messing up Silvain’s hair. And Silvain, though he will deny it with irritation, is also developing a kink for Mace messing up his hair.

    Idk, the hair might also be symbolic of something or whatever. Totally soulmate code.

    • BottledUpKawaii

      WE HAVE A THEORIST GUYS. auditions are now over. Everyone else go home

      • Larkle


  • Zoe

    So I dropped this comic for a while, and decided to read it again tonight and HOLY UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!

  • Liz

    I honestly keep forgetting that they only met three days ago. I’m not an overly sentimental person, nor am I fond of dating anyone ever, but I could see this being a serious relationship for them??? Or as serious as Mace could possibly get about a person.
    I mean, look at Sil’s face in that second panel.
    They are freaking gaga about each other.

  • That pompadour was made for those hands. All I need now is for the rest of them to realise that.

  • tokiohcom

    Again. Loving that last panel. :)