Day 3, Page 37

May 8, 2016 Characters: ,
  • Ashen

    Oooohh. You DARE to have FEELINGS other than snobbery, anger, confuzzlement, and lust towards our favorite albino?! lol

  • sassywimple


  • This page. Mace is so adorable, and Sil’s reactions are precious. All makes me go Aww.

  • Koe

    These two really need the wisdom of the crotch.

    • Larkle

      They’re pretty well versed in the wisdom of the crotch though…

  • Hally

    That last pannel is so cute! :3 these two should def be an item

  • Larkle

    So, it’s been figured out. Silvain is the cutest. Mace is the weirdest. Together they are fucking perfect.

  • Sabrina Vögeli

    Daww no dont make me cry ;A;

  • Liz

    I feel like Mace is the kinda person who would joke away any kind of tension/pain/sadness he’s experiencing. Which is partially why this page breaks my freaking heart in the subtle vulnerability portrayed. Panel six, I can practically hear the hopefulness.



  • This is either a touching moment between them or he’s decided to stay for round two. Maybe both?

  • kahltira

    That vulnerable expression in the last panel, Mace is not used to wanting someone to stay. I love the the emotions going on in this page

  • Rick T

    “Oh, Mace. Not a fucking chance.”

    • Darkhatter

      that’d be mad fucked, could you imagine

    • Liz

      Orrrrr, he’s about to say something like: “You wanna go with me?”

      But that’s just me being willfully optimistic.

  • AngeloFanAkaLiss

    oh man im getting hella sad
    look at mace’s sad eyes hes like a puppy :C