Day 3, Page 38

May 22, 2016 Characters: ,
  • sassywimple

    I just have one thing to say


  • Kenny

    One day he will finally realize the futile nature in fixing the pompadour.

  • ChupaChups

    “I will” for Sil means: “Love you” :D

  • LOL.. there’s hair out of place, must be fixed. Mace did that on purpose. That smile in last panel, while Sil is fixing the hair, is so cute.

    • Rick T

      Anything to buy a few more seconds!

  • Hally

    These twoooo omg 😍 I’ll miss Sil’s hair out of place

  • Lizzie

    Is this the final chapter? Just curious since there’s the whole good-bye >.>

  • Notta Potato

    allllways the hair yes

  • Sabrina Vögeli

    I. Cant. Handle. The. Feels. *sob*

  • Scatt

    THE FEELS!!!!! I CANT!!! okay I’m chill this is okay i’m okay, I’m so not okay

  • Kate G

    *When Katie got to panel 3* YES! HE ruined Silvy’s hair to an even sexier look!
    *When Silvy fixes it* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! UNFIX IT! UNFIX IT! It was sexier messed up! DAMN IT SILVY! *falls on bed unsatisfied*

  • Mace’s satisfied little smile in the last panel tho… it’s like ruffling Sil’s pompadour is his way of marking him, haha

  • I like the hair down. :(

    At lest he’ll come see him again.,, but will he be single?

  • tokiohcom

    Yay for kisses. Those first two panels are beautiful. I stared at them for a good while before moving on to read the rest of the page.

  • Pilar

    Lol Mace loves messing up his hair… I’d do the same, he’s so cute in his extra tidiness XD