a commic

June 30, 2013 Characters:

hi it’s nena i did ac omiec

also alice please upload the picture of those 5 dogs later for proof cause i dont remember what they looked like. actually lets quit comics and just upload pictures of cute dogs to the internet full time.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ha! So cute! Love your alt text Mena, and you do stellar comic work, butts and all. That sounds like a fun trip! Hope to visit Asia like that one day.

  • Marie_Anne

    I just found this comic and I’m seriously loving it!
    You guys rock! Awesome art, super funny alt text, great plot, amazing characters…
    You just made a new loyal fan out of me :D

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha :D it’s nice to read these short stories aside from Boned, I get to know the artists! ;)

  • This is hilarious Nena! (but then, aren’t you always ;)
    And to think Alice thought you’d have everything covered in hamsters by the time she got back… Thanks for sharing with us <3 I hope you can also share a comment with us every now and then too, if you can. Love your sense of humor~

  • Katherine Sheafe

    I love your comic so much and you guys are precious! I love you guys so much! Thank you for this awesome comic! XD :3

  • Amanda Wolf

    Legitimately tiny and eats meals like second lunch? Sounds like a hobbit to me (I’m allowed to say this, I’m short, too)