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November 18, 2013 Characters:

Last minute update from Nena. LUCKY YOU!

  • Mandy Marie Roswell

    LMAO! “Hup!” “Hng” XDDD We love you, Nena!

  • Garrett

    Well… xD
    I think a beard would fit him very well :D

  • hirrient

    choking on milk oh my god!

  • Lazy


  • FreckledJesus

    my laughter is ugly omf

  • Torse

    excuse me, has anyone seen my sides?

    I seem to have lost them

  • Denita Brown

    didn’t know if I was reading this wrong or not, lol. the alt text clued me in

  • Emilie

    this would have been pretty funny and everything, but i don’t think there was any need for the word used in that 4th panel. its offensive and disgusting and i honestly expected better from this comic.

    • Guest

      you expected less FUCK in a comic about men fucking?

      • Torse

        psst that’s not panel four

    • I didn’t write this and it’s not part of the actual comic. It’s Nena giving you guys a parody update while I go through some shit but okay fine let’s do this.

      It’s not being used as a slur. It’s a descriptor between two fictional gay men written in jest by a lesbian based on a comic written by another lesbian. I hope you don’t get offended if someone uses “asshole” or “dick” to describe their body parts, that would be really stressful. I’m only speaking for myself but if someone walking down the street yells faggot at me that’s not okay because their intentions behind the word makes it hostile and derogatory. If someone I know of any sexuality or gender calls me a faggot merely because I’m super gay, that’s cool with me. It reclaims the word and makes it lose some of its negative power.

      If you think this is something to be morally outraged about – that using a word with a history of malice rooted in intolerance to simply describe the very thing it’s intended to disparage (a homosexual person) in a stupid comic – that’s your right. I’m sorry it upset you and I’m sure that wasn’t her goal.

      • Lazy

        I <3 u alice

    • Nena
      • Torse


      • Jessbethda

        Eat ur popcorn, bassoon.


        Nena! ❤

    • Torse

      it’s like your first time on the internet or something

      and you’re looking at gaybois doin it

      while I admire your priorities, I’ll have to encourage you to abandon those silly morals if you wish to expand your porn folder

      • Torse

        (you can’t kill me with downvotes)

    • CaeruleaTigris

      Guess what? It’s a sequence of letters which only mean something to you because you let it. Ever heard of reclaiming slurs?


    Nena strikes again… XD

  • Eiwa

    What even

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Nena you are pure magic. Just amazing! haha too funny! XD :3

    • Nena

      thank you i’m just a simple internet dickjoke farmer but i do my best

      • Katherine Sheafe

        You’re welcome and your best is awesome. XD

  • mariahsuki

    Fuck that was amazing. Merry Christmas! Amazing comic, you’ve got here!!!

    • Nena

      thanks i do what i can

  • HippoQueen

    I LOVE YOU NENA!! (^w^)

    • Nena

      i love you too internet stranger


    this killed me